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Autana (2012)

First ascent in the lost world

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  • UK  
  • Color
  • 58 min 

Teaming up with expert climbing film director Alistar Lee - Leo Holding, Sean Leary and Jason Pickles venture into the heart of the Amazon to attempt an unclimbed east face in Tepuy, Cerro Autana. After a covert journey though army checkpoints, a trip with the local Shaman, sweltering humidity and chaotic jungle tra [...]

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Adventure films are never better than when we don’t know what’s coming next! Add to that a filmmaker whose honed skills provide stunning visuals, and a sometimes uncomfortable edge accompanied by a distinctive score, and you’ve got a thoroughly enthralling cinematic treat. Adventurer Leo Houlding and filmmaker Alastair Lee, along with climbers Sean Leary and Jason Pickles, head deep into the Venezualan Amazon in an attempt to make the first ascent of the remote Cerro Autana. The team uncovers ultra-steep, jungle-infested rock along with a surprisingly luxurious wall camp just below the summit of the highest elevated cave system in the world.

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