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  • Cairns Adventure Film Festival 

    3rd Cairns Adventure Film Festival

    The festival's mission is to showcase Australasian, East and South-East Asian adventure sports and adrenaline-filled short films created by enthusiasts from all experience levels and sporting backgrounds.
    The film festival is part of the Cairns Airport Adventure Festival
    Film competition organized in five categories: short adventures in nature, people's choice mad minutes, cafeinated adventures, adventure features, and under 18s.

    23 May - 25 May 2012

  • Cervino International Mountain Film Festival 

    20th Cervino CineMountain

    Film competition focused on mountain and adventure cinema. It brings the award-winning films during the last year in all other festivals and prizes the best of the best mountain film of the year.
    Other type of events such as publishing presentations and other activities complete the program of the festival.
    Grand Prix, Vie de Montagne Prize, best mountaineering film, best film on environmental issue, best photography and Audience Award.
    Member of the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF).

    05 Aug - 14 Aug 2017

  • Chamonix Adventure Festival 

    9th Chamonix Adventure Festival

    With a wide range of activities (workshops, art exhibitions, film screenings, film and photography courses), the aim of the festival is to bring together every aspect and element of the adventure community, forging continuing partnerships and creating a platform for exchange and creativity.
    Selected films compete for the Spirit of Chamonix prize, the best cinematography prize, the best storytelling prize, and the jury prize.

    31 Mar - 02 Apr 2016

  • Chicago International Mountain Film Festival 

    1st Chicago International Mountain Film Festival

    Organized by the Chicago Tatra Mountain cultural foundation, this is a film competition event focused on mountain films, with special attention on polish productions. The program includes screenings of the films in competition complemented with retrospective films and also, a photo contest.
    Awards for the best film, best picture, special jury award, special audience award, special director's mention.

    14 Dec - 16 Dec 2012

  • Danish Adventure Film Festival 

    21st DAFF - Danish Adventure Film Festival

    Created with the dream of presenting a wide selection of today's most inspired adventure film, this is a festival both for the enthusiast, the film nerd, the parent and the teenager. A festival for everyone who loves and is fascinated by the meeting between man, nature and adventure.
    Selected films will compete in the contest for the following awards: best film, best danish film, best action sport film, jury's special prize, and filmic prize.

    01 Dec - 04 Dec 2016

  • Dutch Mountain Film Festival 

    7th Dutch Mountain Film Festival

    10 Feb - 12 Feb 2017

  • Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival 

    15th Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival

    An independent film festival which aims to inspire, enlighten and entertain outdoor enthusiasts. The very best in mountain and adventure films are screened. These may focus on mountaineering, climbing, snow sports, BASE jumping, kayaking and water sports, adventure or discovery.
    Film screenings are complemented with special lectures.
    Film competition awarding the best film, the best short film and people's choice award.

    03 Feb - 04 Feb 2018

  • EHO Mountain Film Show 

    8th EHO Mountain Film Festival

    23 Oct - 26 Oct 2017

  • European Outdoor Film Tour 

    16th European Outdoor Film Tour

    The festival also organizes a film tour with the best films. Go to Film Tours for more information.

    06 Oct - 07 Feb 2018

  • Explorers Festival 

    19th Explorers Festival

    Every year the festival hosts world-known alpinists, explorers, sportsmen, globetrotters and discoverers. Film screenings, film reviews, competitions, photo exhibitions and workshops are the activities of the festival.
    The subjects of the festival are travel, discovery, exploration, extraordinary and unusual activities and extreme sports.
    Prestigious explorers and the most distinguished extreme film makers and photographers are awarded.

    16 Nov - 18 Nov 2017

Found Film Festivals

Film festivals Places Dates LINKS
Cairns Adventure Film Festival 3rd

Cairns Adventure Film Festival

23 May 2012
25 May 2012
Cervino CineMountain 20th

Cervino CineMountain

05 Aug 2017
14 Aug 2017
Chamonix Adventure Festival 9th

Chamonix Adventure Festival

31 Mar 2016
02 Apr 2016
Chicago International Mountain Film Festival 1st

Chicago International Mountain Film Festival

Chicago, IL
14 Dec 2012
16 Dec 2012
DAFF - Danish Adventure Film Festival 21st

DAFF - Danish Adventure Film Festival

01 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016
Dutch Mountain Film Festival 7th

Dutch Mountain Film Festival

10 Feb 2017
12 Feb 2017
Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival 15th

Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival

03 Feb 2018
04 Feb 2018
EHO Mountain Film Festival 8th

EHO Mountain Film Festival

23 Oct 2017
26 Oct 2017
European Outdoor Film Tour 16th

European Outdoor Film Tour

European cities
06 Oct 2017
07 Feb 2018
Explorers Festival 19th

Explorers Festival

16 Nov 2017
18 Nov 2017