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  • 30/11/2014

    MFDB's beta release launch

    Testing and content update phase

    MFDB's beta release launch

    Welcome to the MFDB Blog! This is Mountain Film Database's kick start. It has just been published in testing mode (beta version) and only with a part of the content that's planned it will hold. We are working intensely to progressively incorporate new film titles and data.

    This development phase is planned will end in the next months. Until then, activity in some sections may have reduced or altered activity and the add films feature will remain inactive. We expect to have the web running normally and with all its content very soon. Thank you for your patience and welcome to our great project.

    If you have any inquiry or suggestion about how the website works or about the MFDB project, do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact or Suggestions forms. We'll address all messages with great interest.


    Everything about mountain films

    Mountain Film Database (MFDB) is a Mountain Film Institute (MFI) initiative intended to become a worldwide reference site for mountaineering and climbing films.

    MFDB's website is designed to offer comprehensive and detailed information about mountain films and also for it to be a meeting point for the public and production and exhibition media to connect and communicate with one another and exchange information:

    Films: A great mountain film database available to all the community with multiple search features to discover from the most popular to the most unheard of titles. (explore films).

    Festivals: Great directory of film festivals and other film events to do with mountain and adventure film taking place annually all over the world.

    User channels: Dissemination point for users to bring in their own content via self-managed pages. For professional and personal users.

    Forum: Discussion area entirely dedicated to mountain film and everything around it opened to the community.

    My MFDBRegistered users' private area with tools and features for a fuller web interaction and experience.

    News: Blog about news and novelties to do with the mountain film world and the Mountain Film Database's and Mountain Film Institute's activity.

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